Planning the “Perfect” Wedding

So you’re engaged, congrats! Now all the planning begins and you finally realize how much work actually goes into a wedding! But before you get overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, burdened, dejected, or angry stop, breath, and think.

Perfect demolition: Have you ever taken an axe or a sledge hammer to a wall, piano,or random junk? Something about it is just freeing and fun! Although right before a wedding, hacking away at junk might be stress relieving, I don’t recommend it if you want to be able to walk down the aisle without a limp or broken arm… Anyway I bring this point up because As much as I enjoy demolition I don’t enjoy demolishing dreams… but, well, here I go. You’ve been dreaming of your wedding since you were 4, 14,or maybe not until you started dating, either way most brides have the perfect picture of their wedding in mind. And now I’m going to take a decking ball to that picture!

The wedding will NOT be perfect, is NOT all about you(the bride), and is NOT the big picture! Skadoosh! Perfect wedding dream demolished!

Now I’m not saying that it won’t be a wonderful day that you will enjoy and look back on with tender memories but it’s not going to be the perfect fairytale wedding.

So on the actual wedding day you may find a bridal party member sick, the sound system doesn’t work, your ice sculpture melts, it’s raining, your flowers are wilted, the flower girl refuses to get in her dress, a groomsman is wearing the wrong tie, or any number of things can go wrong! But don’t freak out Because it’s just the beginning!

You and your parents may not have enough money for your perfect wedding and that’s ok! Just do what you can!

Whatever you do don’t compare your wedding to someone else’s! Your wedding might not be perfect but it is perfectly YOU! It has a special touch of your personality that won’t be like any others. So don’t stress about getting everything right so that your wedding is better than your sister’s, best friend’s, enemy’s or some celebrity’s.

Now on to a big oversight of just about every bride! This wedding is Not all about you! Yes I know you’re the bride but their is someone of equal value in the wedding… your groom! Your groom should be very much involved in your planning! And I don’t just mean you”tell” him about your decision but ask for his opinion and  actually consider it! Most brides believe one of three lies concerning the groom and the wedding, 1 “He doesn’t care.”, 2″He doesn’t understand or know about weddings” and my favorite 3 “he doesn’t WANT” to be involved”.

Sure a groom may not care about little bitty details but I can tell you this since it’s an event of a life time which involves the love of his life… he CARES! (And if not you should be concerned) I’m sure your groom is a smart fellow since he is marrying you so give home some credit concerning the wedding! Grooms might say the don’t want to be involved but that’s because most are terrified of bridezilla… Let your Husband to be make some wedding decisions because getting married is a big deal to him too!

Lastly, don’t waste (and I mean waste) too much time, money and energy on your wedding because the wedding is not the ultimate goal! You are getting married and it’s much more than one big day! It’s everyday of being together, learning more about one another, and growing closer to God together! A great wedding does not decide what kind of marriage you’ll have. But the attitude you have towards your wedding will carry into your marriage! So put more work into the marriage and not just one day!

Remember the wedding won’t be perfect, is not all about you, and is not the ultimate goal! But enjoy your wedding and your new husband regardless!




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